Welcome to St. Mary's Village Church. While we are a small Parish our Parishioners are always met with a smiling face and are provided with a spiritual family that is supportive and caring.

Mass Times


Mass is held every Sunday at 9:00am. 



Updated Parish News

Restrictions for Attending Mass

Please keep sending in your collection envelopes... every little bit helps. 

You can mail them to: 

St. Mary's Village Church

P.O. Box 155

St. Mary-of-the-Woods IN 47876


Parish Life Coordinator-  Sr. Jane Iannaccone,SP

Email: jiannaccone1840@gmail.com

Tx:  781-622-0440

Sacramental Minister-  Fr. Darvin Winters

Religious Ed. Cord.-  Jamie Richey

Email:  Jrichey75@gmail.com